About Our Guest

Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe is a businessman, entrepreneur, and Democratic Party leader from Fairfax County. For over 30 years, Terry has been fighting to create jobs, improve health care and education, and build a better future.

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Program Transcript

Jan Paynter: Hello, I’m Jan Paynter and I would like to welcome you again to our program, Politics Matters. Our topic today is practical green energy and employment solutions for our challenged economy, and we are very pleased to have as our guest Terry McAuliffe. Welcome, Terry.

Terry McAuliffe: Great, Jan, great to be with you.

Jan Paynter: Terrence Richard McAuliffe was born in Syracuse, New York. He received a BA from Catholic University and a JD from Georgetown University. Interestingly, at age 14 he started his own business in driveway maintenance. By age 30, he was the youngest chair of a bank in the history of the U.S. In 1980, he worked for the Carter reelection campaign and became national finance director; in 1988, he was finance chair for Democrat Dick Gephardt.

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