The Sorenson Institute for Political Leadership

About Our Guest

Bob Gibson is a 1972 graduate of the University of Virginia with a B.A. in government and foreign affairs. After serving as news director of WCHV radio, he joined The Daily Progress in August 1976 and has held a number of positions with the newspaper. He began his career covering police and local courts and has covered state and local politics and government. He was named city editor in 1982 and later special projects editor in 1992 when he wrote a series about racial disparities and justice in local courts.

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Program Transcript

JAN PAYNTER: Hello, I am Jan Paynter and I would like to welcome you again to program Politics Matters. We are very pleased to have as our guest today, Bob Gibson; executive director of the Sorenson Institute for Political Leadership in Charlottesville. Welcome, Bob.

BOB GIBSON: Thank you, good to join you.

JAN PAYNTER: Bob Gibson graduated from the University of Virginia in 1972 with a BA in Government and Foreign Affairs, having worked as news director for radio WCHV, he then came to the Daily Progress in 1976.

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