About Our Guest

After a year of clerking, Brian became a prosecutor in Arlington County. He worked cases ranging up to rape and murder. Brian Moran left the prosecutor’s office after 7 years and ran for the House of Delegates in 1995 at the suggestion of Mark Warner.

After being elected, Moran served on the Transportation, Courts of Justice, and Health Welfare and Institutions Committees. He is a repeat winner of Mothers Against Drunk Driving Legislator of the Year, a recipient of the Tech-10 award from the Northern Virginia Technology Council, and a ‘Friend of Business’ awardee from the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. Moran also was named the 2006 Legislator of the Year for the Virginia Sheriffs Association. Moran resigned his seat on December 12, 2008 to pursue the Virginia governorship full time.

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Program Transcript

Jan Paynter: Welcome. I’m Jan Paynter and this is Politics Matters. Our guest today is Brian Moran, one of the gubernatorial candidates for Governor of Virginia, formerly of the 46th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. Welcome, Brian.

Brian Moran: Nice to be with you, Jan.

Jan Paynter: For the populace, election politics is the ultimate job interview. Of course in this case, perspective employers, often people without jobs, losing hard won businesses, lacking healthcare coverage or standing on the precipice of being forced to relinquish their houses due to inflated mortgage prices or restrictions on refinancing.

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